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January 16, 2005
     Long ago when we began promoting the development of women's cross country and other distance events we recognized the importance of notifying athletes about opportunities for competition. Otherwise it could be said that "few or none were interested in such events" and, therefore, those events need not be offered.
     Much later, when schools accepted women's teams and began offering competition, our periodic news of coming events and how to enter was directed primarily at non-school athletes (club, military, and unattached) who did not get direct notice of opportunities.
     When we returned to volunteer service for women's steeplechase, it was evident that many athletes still needed information and encouragement for a new event to flourish. By then the increased cost of phone calls and postage could limit dissemination of news. However, the internet and its "world wide web" emerged as an inexpensive medium to which we moved our news service.
     From the first issue of the e-mailed Women's Steeplechase Report, now in its tenth year, our schedule of coming events has remained a popular feature. But results from the increasing number of steeple meets, plus other news, competed with the schedule for the limited space in each Steeple Report: two pages of page-width lines, printed back-to-back on a standard sheet of paper. Our popular best-performer lists, often 100 deep, face a similar space constriction.
     We still solicit announcements of open steeple races (accepting entries from non-school athletes) showing meet name, race distance, date, venue, steeple start time, and entry information: fee, deadline, contact person with e-mail address and/or website location.
     Following initial publication of an event in an issue of the Steeple Report, which in some weeks has two or three issues, we plan to move that event to an annual master calendar appearing on a special website for women steeplers. That site will also be home to those long lists of best performers plus other women's steeple information including archived data.
     The report editor is working with a world-class lady steepler who has superior computer knowledge and skills. We will provide report readers with the URL link to website when it opens -- about 1 February 2005.

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