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Recap of Division I Steeplechase Championship Final: ANNA WILLARD SETS COLLEGIATE AND U.S. ALL-COMERS RECORD
June 9, 2007
  • Bush led at end of lap 1 with Willard, Parker and Wort close. Lindsey Anderson set the pace through the next five laps with the same group staying close -- joined briefly in mid-race by Franek, then defending champion Barringer as Franek fell back after 2000m.
  • Willard moved to the front after sixth water jump and stayed there to the finish, winning with the fastest-ever women's 3000m steeple on USA soil by a citizen of any nation.
  • Personal bests were achieved in this final by six athletes (Willard, Parker, Wort, Bush, Long, Haynes) and in the heats two nights earlier by Parker, Fowler and Allen.
  • Courage was shown by BYU junior Kassi Andersen -- coming back from years of recovery after being run over by a truck, but still shy of her 9:44.68 best in 2004. Her recent weeks hint more improvement at the USATF Championships later this month.

1-Anna Willard, Michigan 9:38.08; 2-Lindsey Anderson, Weber State 9:46.48; 3-Barbara Parker, Florida State 9:48.82; 4-Liz Wort, Duke 9:51.76; 5-Kassi Andersen, Brigham Young 9:52.10; 6-Nicole Bush, Michigan State 9:56.68; 7-Jennifer Barringer, Colorado 9:59.81; 8-Sariah Long, Weber State 10:05.22; 9-A'Havahla Haynes, Wisconsin 10:07.09; 10-Emily Brown, Minnesota 10:07.40; 11-Catherine Parker, New Hampshire 10:08.16; 12-Bridget Franek, Penn State 10:11.68; 13-Amy Fowler, Brigham Young 10:22.75; DNF-Lindsay Allen, Stanford.

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