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NCAA Drops Short Pit
December 31, 2004
     When the National Collegiate Athletic Association added women's steeplechase to its program of events in 2001, NCAA Rule 1-3.7 included "Alternative for Women" water jump specifications -- a water span/length of 3.06m (10 feet) instead of the standard 3.66m (12 feet). The rule book also included two related drawings, Figure 4 and Figure 6, depicting the shorter alternative for women.
     That provision stayed in the rules for 2002, 2003, and 2004. But in 2005, the fifth year of NCAA women's steepling, that 3.06m "short pit" is gone from the collegiate rules; so are the two related drawings. The 3.66m global standard has prevailed, greatly increasing the number of meet sites that can host female steeplers -- and potentially increasing opportunities for competition in this event.

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