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USA Indoor Champs, Feb 27 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
March 9, 2010
Nine women steeplers competed in this meet without a steeplechase event. Most notable was Anna (Willard) Pierce who won the 800 meters in 2:00.84.

In Open 3000m, three steeplers placed in the 11-runner field -- Renee Metivier Baillie won in 9:14.90; Sarah Hall second in 9:14.92; Delilah DiCrescenzo was fourth in 9:29.54.

In Open 1500m, three steeplers finished but out of the medals -- Mason Cathey in 4:35.51, Lesley Higgins 4:42.71, Ali Mann 4:49.36. (Anna Pierce and Sarah Hall were entered but did not start, scratching after doing well in earlier events at this meet).

Master's 1500m, two steeplers placed -- Karen Steen second in 5:01.32; Cheryl Bellaire sixth in 5:38.32.

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