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Bulgaria Steeple Results:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

Smarksko Zname
July 18, 2015
Stara Zajora, Bulgaria
Automatic Timing
1-Silvia Danekov 10:01.70 2-Turkan Ozata Erismis 10:04.77; 3-Dobrinka Shalamanova 10:41.31.

Second League
June 20, 2015
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Hand Timing
1-Silvia Danekova, BUL 9:43.34; 2-Viktoria Gyurkes, HUN 10.20.56; 3-Simone Glad, DEN 10.36.23; 4-Jasmina Pruginic (24 Mar 1998) SRB 10:54.22; 5-Andrea Kolbeinsdottir (1 Jan 1999) ISL 10:57.01; 6-Liljana Culibrk, CRO 11:31.49; [ DQ: Elpida Christodoulidou, CYP ]

Balkan Championships
July 27, 2013
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Automatic Timing
1-Silvia Danekova, BUL 9:46.12; 2-Turkan Ozata-Erismis, TUR 10:04.77; 3-Maria Pardalou, GRE 10:06.38; 4-Biljana Cvijanovic, BIH 10:23.79.

Balkan Championships
July 5, 2007
Sofia, Bulgaria
Automatic Timing
1-Ir ni Kokkinar ou (81) GRE 9:52.78; 2-Dobrinka Shalamanova (83) BUL 10:01.35; 3-Biljana Jovic (85) SRB 10:20.71; 4-Asli Cakir (85) TUR 10:49.13; 5-Andrea David (87) ROM 10:58.45; 6-Jasmina Delic (88) BIH 11:30.64.

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