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Monaco Steeple Results:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

Herculis Diamond League Meet
July 17, 2015
Fontvieille, Monaco
Automatic Timing
1-Habiba Ghribi, TUN 9:11.28; 2-Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi, KEN 9:12.51; 3-Virginia Nyambura Nganga, KEN 9:13.85; 4-Hiwot Ayalew, ETH 9:14.98; 5-Purity Cherotich Kirui, KEN 9:17.89; 6-Gesa Felicitas Krause, GER 9:20.15; 7-Salima Elouali Alami, MAR 9:20.64; 8-Tigist Getnet, ETH 9:20.65; 9-Ruth Jebet, BRN 9:21.40; 10-Emma Coburn, USA 9:23.91; 11-Birtukan Fente, ETH 9:34.42; 12-Diana Martin, ESP 9:42.14; 13-Leah O'Connor, USA 9:42.80; 14- Genevieve LaCaze, AUS 9:46.4 15-Maeva Danois, FRA 9:53.55. DNF - Amina Bettiche, ALG; Ann Gathoni, KEN; Aisha Praught, USA.

Herculis Grand Prix Meet
August 20, 2006
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Automatic Timing
1-Alesia Turava, BLR 9:20.16; 2-Lyubov Ivanova, RUS 9:23.61; 3-Jeruto Kiptum, KEN 9:26.07; 4-Wiolette Janowska, POL 9:27.34; 5-Salome Chepchumba, KEN 9:30.58; 6-Victoria Mitchell, AUS 9:31.80; 7-Veerle Dejaeghere, BEL 9:38.86; 8-Gladys Jerotich Kipkemoi, KEN 9:38.87; 9-Cristina Casandra, ROM 9:40.00; 10-Korene Hinds, JAM 9:41.01; 11-Zulema Fuentes-Pila, ESP 9:41.39; 12-Katarzyna Kowalska, POL 9:45.14; 13-Roisin McGettigan, IRL 9:47.43; 14-Kate McIlroy NZL 9:55.44; 15-Minori Hayakari, JPN 10:21.91. DNF-Christin Johansson, SWE (rabbit)

13 runners under 9:48 world championships "A" standard despite the absence of some previously listed world-class athletes. Splits: 1000m at 3:10.09 by Christin Johansson, SWE; 2000m at 6:19.24 by Lyubov Ivanova, RUS.

World Athletics Final, 3000m Steeple
September 9, 2005
, Monaco
Automatic Timing
Early pre-race predictions were negated by a series of start-list revisions in which some highly-ranked athletes were replaced with unranked others. Race results show four triads, each with three runners.
1-Docus Inzikuru (82) UGA9:21.80
2-Wioletta Janowska (77) POL9:25.47
3-Mardrea Hyman (72) JAM9:27.21
4-Livia Toth (80) HUN9:30.20
5-Yelena Zadorozhnaya (77) RUS9:32.41
6-Korene Hinds (76) JAM9:33.46
7-Cristina Casandra (77) ROM9:46.06
8-Elizabeth Jackson (77) USA9:46.10
9-Roisin McGettigan (80) IRL9:46.12
10-Salome Chepchumba (82) KEN9:53.83
11-Jo Ankier (82) GBR9:56.16
12-Lisa Galaviz (79) USA10:05.01

Inzikuru paced herself prudently with 6:17.7 for 2000m -- and a four-second margin at 2200 meters which she retained to the end. Janowska, next to last in the World Championship final, enjoyed redemption with a 35-seconds improvement at Monaco. Hyman, for years a major 1500m runner, broke 9:30 for a Central America record in her first big season of steepling.

Toth had not survived the first round of World Champs at Helsinki with her 9:51.03 but was 11 seconds faster winning the World University Games steeple on August 17 and she improved another 10 seconds here for a national record to lead the second triad. Zadorozhnaya produced a personal best to edge Hinds.

The third triad was initially a bigger pack that included Chepchumba who had led earlier the field with a 3:11.93 opening kilometer. But when she faded in the final kilometer, Jackson moved up on Casandra and towed McGettigan to a season best. All three leaned in a blanket finish, then waited for the camera to reveal their placings.

The fourth triad comprised fellow sufferers. Chepchumba, second only to Inzikuru in the IAAF world rankings, became an oxygen debtor early at Monaco. Ankier had been trampled in the water at an early-season competition where following runners could not see her down because their vision of the pit was blocked by an opaque screen (not in IAAF rules) at the barrier. Galaviz had many races this season, the majority of them requiring overseas travel, which seemed to produce cumulative fatigue.

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