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Results from Steeple Report 378:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

Herculis Grand Prix Meet
August 20, 2006
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Automatic Timing
1-Alesia Turava, BLR 9:20.16; 2-Lyubov Ivanova, RUS 9:23.61; 3-Jeruto Kiptum, KEN 9:26.07; 4-Wiolette Janowska, POL 9:27.34; 5-Salome Chepchumba, KEN 9:30.58; 6-Victoria Mitchell, AUS 9:31.80; 7-Veerle Dejaeghere, BEL 9:38.86; 8-Gladys Jerotich Kipkemoi, KEN 9:38.87; 9-Cristina Casandra, ROM 9:40.00; 10-Korene Hinds, JAM 9:41.01; 11-Zulema Fuentes-Pila, ESP 9:41.39; 12-Katarzyna Kowalska, POL 9:45.14; 13-Roisin McGettigan, IRL 9:47.43; 14-Kate McIlroy NZL 9:55.44; 15-Minori Hayakari, JPN 10:21.91. DNF-Christin Johansson, SWE (rabbit)

13 runners under 9:48 world championships "A" standard despite the absence of some previously listed world-class athletes. Splits: 1000m at 3:10.09 by Christin Johansson, SWE; 2000m at 6:19.24 by Lyubov Ivanova, RUS.

CHN-GBR-RUS-USA International Meet
August 19, 2006
Birmingham, England
Automatic Timing
1-Tatyana Petrova, RUS 9:22.82; 2-Yelena Sidorchenkova, RUS 9:46.09; 3-Hattie Dean, GBR 9:52.33; 4-Xiaofang Chen, CHN 9:59.19; 5-Lisa Galaviz, USA 10:03.90; 6-Jo Ankier, GBR 10:22.60; 7-Kristin Anderson, USA 10:30.63. DNS: Yanmei Zhu, CHN.

Petrova led all the way. Splits: 1000m at 3:04.54; 2000m at 6:09.55 (3:05.01) and last kilometer in 3:13.27.

World Junior Championship Final
August 17, 2006
Beijing, China
Automatic Timing
Reported birth year ((in parentheses) after athlete names.

1-Caroline Chepkurui Tuigong (87) KEN 9:40.95; 2-Ancuta Bobocel (87) ROM 9:46.19; 3-Mekdes Bekele Tadese (87) ETH 9:48.67; 4-Polina Jelizarova (89) LAT 9:58.76 NJR; 5-Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal (90) NOR 10:00.44; 6-Beatrice Cheruiyot Kirop (89) KEN 10:10.99; 7-Julia Hiller (87) GER 10:11.67; 8-Amy Fowler (87) USA 10:11.73; 9-Ruth Senior (87) GBR 10:13.58; 10-Marie Lawrence (89) USA 10:17.84; 11-Sabine Heitling (87) BRA 10:28.32; 12-Zsofia Erdelyi (87) HUN 10:41.71.

Official Report: 29c temperature, 63 percent humidity. Tadese led at 1km in 3:19.08 and 2km in 6:28.79. She retained the lead through 2600m but collided with the first barrier of the final lap, and was then passed by Bobocel -- as well as Tuigong who broke away on the final turn for victory.

World Junior Champs Heats
August 15, 2006
Beijing, China
Automatic Timing
Finalists = first 4 places each heat and 4 more based on time.

The "time fiinalists" were places 5 and 6 in each heat.

Heat 1: 1-Mekdes Bekele Tadese, ETH 9:46.67; 2-Caroline Chepkurui Tuigong, KEN 9:51.94; 3-Polina Jelizarova, LAT 10:08.64; 4-Ruth Senior, GBR 10:12.50; 5-Julia Hiller, GER 10:18.16; 6-Marie Lawrence, USA 10:22.85; 7-Natalya Kovtun, UKR 10:31.31; 8-Yelena Arzhakova, RUS 10:35.06; 9-Sarah Grahame, AUS 10:42.08; 10-Solange Jesus, POR 10:44.24 NJR; 11-Lena Orn, SWE 10:44.39; 12-Dionisia Koubouli, GRE 10:51.75; 13-Suvi Miettinen, FIN 11:00.21; 14-Yamina Mescari, ALG 11:03.92; 15-Jasmina Delic, BIH 11:05.42; 16-Ruth Croft, NZL 11:17.35; 17-Monika Nagy, HUN 11:42.57; DNS: Kristine Engeset Eikrem, NOR.

Heat 2: 1-Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal, NOR 10:11.96; 2-Beatrice Cheruiyot Kirop, KEN 10:12.89; 3-Ancuta Bobocel, ROM 10:13.12; 4-Amy Fowler, USA 10:18.54; 5-Sabine Heitling, BRA 10:24.44; 6-Zsofia Erdelyi, HUN 10:26.82; 7-Elodie Mouthon, FRA 10:33.26; 8-Samira Latamna, ALG 10:37.01; 9-Danelle Woods, CAN 10:38.84; 10-Saara Skytta, FIN 10:39.56; 11-Hulya Ongun, TUR 10:40.14; 12-Qie Liping, CHN 10:44.02; 13-Nezka Pori, SLO 10:54.55; 14-Ciulia Basoli, ITA 11:07.62; 15-Marta Quintana, ESP 11:20.45; 16-Melissa Murrihy, NZL 11:43.03; DNF: Destiny Tities, RSA; DNS: Susi Lutz, GER.

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