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Results from Steeple Report 380:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

World Athletics Final
September 9, 2006
Stuttgart, Germany
Automatic Timing
1-Alesia Turava, BLR 9:27.08; 2-Jeruto Kiptum, KEN 9:28.60; 3-Salome Chepchumba, KEN 9:29.58; 4-Lyubov Ivanova, RUS 9:35.96; 5-Gladys Jerotich Kipkemoi, KEN 9:37.57; 6-Cristina Casandra, ROM 9:40.47; 7-Wioletta Janowska. POL 9:45.01; 8-Victoria Mitchell, AUS 9:47.63; 9-Roisin McGettigan, IRL 9:52.85; 10-Carrie Messner, USA 10:04.72.

Janowska has the world best-ever time of 6:03.38 for 2000m steeple (15 July 2006 at Gdansk) and is the 2006 world leader for 3000m steeple with 9:17.15 on July 3 at Athens. But she and some other major contenders here allowed a cautious pace to keep fast finishers in the hunt for big cash prizes. Chepchumba led the WAF field for 1600 meters, then Kiptum moved up, but Turava was in charge through the final lap.

Zenaide Vieira of Brazil, who qualified via three World Athletic Tour races, did not start here. Turava, who had only one WAT scoring meet all season, was an IAAF "wild card" addition to the start list. Three of the 10 runners were Kenyans and each finished in the top five.

Chinese National Grand Prix
September 9, 2006
Guilin, China
Automatic Timing
(Birth years in parentheses)
1-Wang Hong (1987) 10:27.80/PB; 2-Xu Yinuo (1988) 10:42.93; 3-Zhang Jing (1988) 10:53.25; 4-Mu Yingxiu (1986) 10:58.08; 5-Zhang Sige (1987) 11:04.20.

All India Railways Champs
September 6, 2006
New Delhi, India
Automatic Timing
1-Kamlesh Bhagel 11:34.09; 2-L. Manjula 11:42.42; 3-Chaina Bhattacharya 11:59.16.

CZE Clubs Championship Final
September 2, 2006
Praha, Czech Republic
Automatic Timing
(Birthdates in parentheses; sequence: Year-Month-Day)
1- Marcela Lustigova (82-11-11) 10:31.81; 2-Alena R cklova (81-10-07) 10:33.27; 3-Ivana Sekyrova (71-10-13) 10:34.43; 4-Barbora Kuncova (82-04-26) 10:48.38; 5-KateYina Pechakova (85-05-13) 11:05.31; 6-Eliaka Antoaova (89-05-23) 11:22.02; 7-Lucie Kriscova (87-05-18) 11:30.13; 8-Lucie Skybova (87-06-02) 11:44.26; 9-Marketa Schubertova (88-06-29) 11:56.48; 10-Krist na Proticova (79-09-27) SVK guest 12:05.94.

September 1, 2006
Konigs Wusterhausen, Germany
Automatic Timing
1-Andrea Mayr, AUT 9:59.05; 2-Fathia Bahi Azzouhoum, ALG 10:00.16; 3-Stefanie DeCroock, BEL 10:02.62; 4-Carrie Messner, USA 10:04.77; 5-Claire Entwistle, GBR 10:06.29; 6-Jo Ankier, GBR 10:17.14; 7-Jolanda Verstaten, NED 10:19.07; 8-Maiken Toftegaard, DEN 10:56.42.

CZE Under Age 23 Championships
August 27, 2006
Uherske Hradist, Czech Republic
Automatic Timing
1-Petakova Lenka (85) 10:15.74; 2-Katerina Pechakova (85) 11:02.91; 3-Lucie Kr cova (87) 11:09.15; 4- Eliska Antosova (89) 11:16.25; 5-Myroslava Petronyuk (UKR, 87) 11:21.70; 6-Eva Krichova (89) 11:28.83; 7-Lucie Skybova (87) 11:38.10; 8- Marketa Schybolova (89) 11:46.68; 9-Zuzana Dolejsova (85) 11:55.46; 10-Dana Fickerova (87) 12:03.11; 11-Veronika Faktorova (84) 12:28.75.

Iranian Meet
August ?, 2006
Tehran, Iran
Hand Timing
1-Fahimeh Kalhor 11:21.6 NR; 2-Setareh Maghsoodi 11:26.4; 3-Naryam Abrisham Froshan 11:53.9.

H. Hubbeling reports that "The first-ever 3000m Steeple competition for Women was held in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where meetings are always held separately for men and women, and the top 3 results are "even excellent for a first attempt. The competition was held during August; however, the exact date was not yet reported."

AUS Winter Series
August 11, 2006
Gold Coast, Australia
Automatic Timing
2000m Steeple: 1-Jessica Gilfillan 6.39.45; 2-Ashlea Gilfillan 6.54.45; 3-Sarah Hall 7.14.79; 4-Natalie Dudkowski 7.37.43; 5-Hannah Cook 7.52.70; 6-Darcie Harvey 7.54.49 [11 finish; Last = 9:32.92]

Jessica Gilfillan, born 10 Feb 1992 is age 14; her 6:39.45 is World Best-ever time for her age.

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