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Results from Steeple Report 414:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

USATF Championship Final
June 23, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Automatic Timing
(meet selects USA team for 2007 World Championship)

1-Jenny Barringer, U.Colorado 9:34.64; 2-Anna Willard, Nike [U.Michigan] 9:34.72; 3-Lindsey Anderson, Nike [Weber State U] 9:40.74; 4-Lisa Galaviz, Nike 9:43.54; 5-Desiraye Osburn, New Balance 9:47.24; 6-Liz Wort, Duke Univ 9:53.20; 7-Kristin Anderson, Nike 9:53.95; 8-Kelly Strong, Asics 9:53.99; 9-Kara June, Asics Aggies 9:59.91; 10-Amanda Lorenzen, unattached 10:01.82; 11-Dawn Cromer, unattached 10:03.23; 12-Bridget Franek, Penn State 10:10.36; 13-Carrie Messner-Vickers, Asics 10:15.07; 14 Brianna Dahm, Oregon TC 10:17.45

The water jump was outside the track's outer lane, with a curved run-up to barrier (running extra distance for common pack atop barrier strategy). Result: mostly single file running near left side of barrier which had an opaque insert between its uprights blocking runners vision, as they approached the barrier, of anyone possibly down in the water.

Cromer, Galaviz, Messner and Strong had previously run in a similar situation that sent a trampled athlete to the hospital. Today those four elite professionals ran conservatively -- and utimately lost contact with the leaders.

Three collegians (Barringer, Willard, Anderson) had no one to fall in their path, going promptly to the front and staying there all the way with fast pace for a 1-2-3 finish. Messner was close early, Galaviz and Strong later, but none close enough to finish among the first three places for a trip to World Championships.

Barringer and Willard broke Ann Gaffigan's USATF 2004 Meet record of 9:39.35 . They achieved personal bests as did Osburn and Kristin Anderson. For Barringer it was a return to the top; she had won the 2006 NCAA Division 1 title but was only seventh in 2007 NCAA just two weeks ago.

The elite veterans may not have run enough fast-pace races before today. (No USA Grand Prix meet includes women's steeple.) They could now seek summer competitions abroad to be ready if one of today's top three declines a World Champs trip to Osaka.

USATF Junior (Ages 14-29) Champs
June 22, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Automatic Timing
1-Stephanie Garcia, U.Virginia 10:26.41; 2-Megan Jackson, Arkansas 10:50.24; 3-Kauren Tarver, unattached 10:59.51; 4-Alyssa Allison, unattached 11:04.25; 5-Sarah Higgens, unattached 11:21.44; 6-A'Seret Dokubo, SIUC 12:10.00.

USATF Championship Heats
June 21, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Automatic Timing
First Heat 1: 1-Jenny Barringer, U.Colorado 9:57.77; 2-Liz Wort, Duke 9:58.13; 3-Lisa Galaviz, Nike 9:58.47; 4-Kristin Anderson, Nike 9:58.58; 5-Kara June, Asics Aggies 9:58.88; 6-Lindsey Anderson, Nike 9:59.11; 7-Dawn Cromer, unattached 10:04.00; 8-Brianna Dahm, Oregon TC 10:13.72; 9-Brittany Somers, Adams State College 10:23.33; 10- A' Havahla Haynes, Wisconsin 10:27.05; 11-Jane Rudkin, Team XO 10:30.79; 12-Bethany Nickless, UC Santa Barbara 10:37.29; 13 Lesley Higgins, New York AC 10:41.68; 14-Arianne Field, unattached 10:42.93. [8 advance to Final -- First four by place; 5-8 by time]

Second Heat: 1-Anna Willard, Nike 10:04.88; 2-Carrie Messner-Vickers, Asics 10:05.11; 3-Desiraye Osburn, New Balance 10:05.40; 4-Kelly Strong, Asics 10:05.83; 5-Bridget Franek, Penn State 10:06.33; 6-Amanda Lorenzen, unattached 10:08.06; 7-Julia Rudd, Indiana Invaders 10:15.76; 8-Shauneen Garrahan, unattached 10:16.52; 9-Brooke Bennett, unattached 10:23.74; 10-Tsehaye Dagnachew, UNC-Charlotte 10:28.35; 11-Sarah Madebach, Georgia 10:37.93; 12-Elena Linn, Georgia Tech 11:00.75; DNS-Kathryn Andersen, BYU. [6 advance to final -- First four by place; 5 and 6 by time]

Athletics Meeting
June 19, 2007
Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Automatic Timing
1-Ljiljana Culibrk (82) 10:16.23; 2-Maja Terez (89) 11:33.57; 2-Ana Krizanac (89) 11:44.27; 4-Maja Morohovic (86) 11:55.21.

Folksam Grand Prix
June 18, 2007
Karlskrona, Sweden
Automatic Timing
1-Sofia Assefa (88) ETH 9:56.94; 2-Christin Johansson (78) SWE 10:03.89; 3-Lena Orn (88) SWE 10:44.17

Budapest Champs
June 17, 2007
Budapest, Hungary
Automatic Timing
1-Krisztina Kacser (88) 10:33.74; 2-Zita Kacser (88) 10:46.48; 3-Nora Kleiner (86) 11:51.15.

Club Championships
June 17, 2007
Ostrava, Czech Republic
Automatic Timing
1-Katerina Pechakova 10:37.43, 2-Lucie Krizova 10:52.69; 3-Petra makalova 11:06.61; 4-Marketa Scubertova (88) 11:10.40; 5-Marcela Joglova 11:47.75; 6-Lucie Skybova 11:51.93; 7-Jana Subrtova 11:54.78 [0 finish; Last = 12:44.89]

Slovenia Cup
June 10, 2007
Celje, Slovenia
Automatic Timing
1-Daneja Grandovec 11:00.17; 2-Lucija Krkoc (88) 11:05.87; 3-Tamara Golenac (84) 11:26.90; 4-Maja Teraz (89) 11:58.33 [7 finish; Last = 13:26.32]

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