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April 17, 2007
Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts) was a USA collegiate women's steepling pioneer in 1993 at 1500m distance. Its annual relays meet still offers lady steeple -- now at 3000m distance. On 14 April 2007 Nora Youngs of Smith College won in 11:43.44, followed by three Williams athletes: Laura Ellison, Nora Mitchell, Kristen Emhoff.

New York has been a leader for high girls steeple with 2000m distance. Meagham Gregory of Burnt Hills had a national-level 6:59.4 to win a race on April 11 at Fonda where another section was won in 7:06.2 by Hannah Davidson of Saratoga. Nicole Rozario of Pine Bush HS won with 7:09.3 in "Green Dragon Relays" April 14 at Cornwall.

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