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Results from Steeple Report 307:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

Queensland Champs
February 13, 2005
Nathan, Australia
Automatic Timing
3km Steeple: 1-Ashlea Gilfillan 11:05.75; 2-Courtney Jarrett 11:30.78 [Gilfillan, age 17, also placed second in 1500m run at 4:34.53]

New South Wales Champ
February 13, 2005
Sydney, Australia
Automatic Timing
Women 3km Steeple (age in parentheses)
     1-Hollie Emery (15) SPR 12:00.23; 2-Cassie Dege (20) GOS 13:59.87.

Western Australia Champs
February 12, 2005
Floreat, Australia
Hand Timing
Women 2km Steeple: 1-Kate Denning (under age 18) 7:39.4; 2-Alanna Doig (under 16) 8:00.1; 3-Olivia Sorbi (under 18) 8:43.9.
Women 3km Steeple: 1-Pippa Hendon 11:10.5; 2-Andrea Ilakova 11:24.4; 3-Sara-Jane Cattermole 12:38.5; 4-Sarah Thorn 15:33.3.

Victoria State Champs
February 12, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Automatic Timing
3km Steeple: 1-Josie Gellert 11:18.87; 2-Sarah Grahame 11:22.75; 3-Muriel Cummins 11:38.05.

Interclub Finals
February 12, 2005
Mle End, Australia
Automatic Timing
     3km Steeple: 1-Kristy Villis 10:42.76; 2-Jane Mudge 11:04.66; 3-Lisa Davis 13:00.81; 4-Lisa Roberts 13:31.58; 5-Jane Lawrence 14:09.11.
     2km Steeple under age 16: 1-Fallon Hooper 7:30.54; 2-Megan Brooks 8:04.02; 3-Jessicca Eccleston 8:32.44; 4-Jasmin Princi, WD, 9:19.01.
     2km Steeple under age 18: 1-Laura Poppleton 8:20.15; 2-Lisa Hargans 8:50.70.

Inter-Club Meet
February 4, 2005
Canterbury, New Zealand
Automatic Timing
2000m Steeple (athlete age in parentheses)
     1-Ruth Croft (15) North Canterbury AC 7:01.11; 2- Nicole Rogal (15) Christchurch Avon 8:44.65.

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