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Results from Steeple Report 377:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

European Championships
August 12, 2006
Goteborg, Sweden
Automatic Timing
Final, 8 August:

1-Alesia Turava, BLR 9:26.05; 2-Tatyana Petrova, RUS 9:28.05; 3-Wiolette Janowska, POL 9:31.62; 4-Lyubov Ivanova, RUS 9:33.53; 5-Veerle Dejaeghere, BEL 9:35.78; 6-Yelena Sidorchenkova, RUS 9:38.05; 7-Ida Nilsson, SWE 9:39.24 NR; 8-Zulema Fuentes-Pila, ESP 9:40.36 NR; 9-Katarzyna Kowalska, POL 9:42.89; 10-Cristina Casandra, ROM 9:42.94; 11-Elodie Olivares, FRA 9:52.69; 12-Miranda Boonstra, NED 10:20.01. [1 km 3:17.17 Turava; 2 km 6:28.62 Janowska]

Janowska was leading after a cautious pace for five laps, then succumbed to Turava (who closed with a 2:57.43 final kilometer, and Petrova who secured second shortly before entering the final turn. The field's depth was evident by NR (national records) for seventh and eighth place runners.

Semi-Finals, 10 August:

A 31-athlete field was reduced to 12 in the final: first four placers (P) in each semi and just as many (4) advancing by time (T) which is a system often advantageous to only those in the second semi who know how fast to run for advancment. At this meet, a major victim was Ireland's Roisin McGettigan with a 9:32.04 NR on July 22 but not fast enough semi here.

First Semi: 1-Tatyana Petrova, RUS 9:42.08 P; 2-Lyubov Ivanova, RUS 9:42.32 P; 3-Katarzyna Kowalska, POL 9:42.50 P; 4-Zulema Fuentes-Pila, ESP 9:43.12 P; 5-Roisin McGettigan, IRL 9:47.37; 6-Livia Toth, HUN 9:48.10; 7-Rosa Maria Morato, ESP 9:52.02; 8-Hattie Dean, GBR 9:52.97; 9-Rasa Troup, LTU 9:53.14; 10-Christin Johansson, SWE 9:58.37; 11-Agnes Tschurtschenthaler, ITA 10:00.09; 12-Ebba Stenback Morrison, SWE 10:00.36; 13-Dobrinka Shalamanova, BUL 10:01.56; 14-Marzena Michalska, ITA 10:11.21; 15-Louise Morch, DEN 10:29.12; 16-Andrea Deelstra, NED 10:46.12. [1 km 3:17.90 Petrova; 2km 6:31.97 Petrova]

Second Semi: 1-Alesia Turava, BLR 9:37.01 P; 2-Wioletta Janowska, POL 9:37.39 P; 3-Veerle Dejaeghere, BEL 9:37.64 P; 4-Yelena Sidorchenkova, RUS 9:38.53 P; 5-Ida Nilsson, SWE 9:40.31 T/NR; 6-Elodie Olivares, FRA 9:41.25 T; 7-Cristina Casandra, ROM 9:41.63 T; 8-Miranda Boonstra, NED 9:45.87 T/NR; 9-Diana Mart n, ESP 9:47.52; 10-Verena Dreier, GER 9:48.90; 11-Fionnuala Britton, IRL 9:49.20; 12-Elena Romagnolo, ITA 9:52.38 NR; 13-Irini Kokkinar ou, GRE 9:53.07 NR; 14-Turkan Erismis, TUR 10:21.36; DNF: Iris Monteiro, POR [1 km 3:13.60 Olivares; 2km 6:28.40 Turava]

African Championships
August 11, 2006
Bambous, Mauritius, Africa
Automatic Timing
1-Jeruto Kiptum, KEN 10:00.02; 2-Habiba Ghribi, TUN 10:10.93; 3-Chaabi Bouchra,MAR 10:11.52; 4-Nestenet Abeyo, ETH 10:17.89; 5-Hanane Ouhadou, MAR 10:18.38; 6-Tebogo Masehla, RSA 10:19.30; 7-Beatrice Kibor, KEN 10:33.02; 8-Nolene Conrad, RSA 10:39.75. [Docus Inzikuru of Uganda was entered but did not start, reportedly because she needed more time to recover from an injury at a May 30 meet.]

Invitational Meet (Non-Steeple Results)
August 8, 2006
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Automatic Timing
2000m flat race (hand times): 1-Erin Bedell 6:04.6; 2-Danielle Tauro 6:08.9; 3- Marie Lawrence 6:09.3;. 4-Amy Fowler 6:16.9. [All members of USA Junior Team going to China for 2006 World Junior Champs next week. Eugene race was similar to 1500m run in which Bedell and Tauro compete at Beijing -- where Lawrence and Fowler are in 3000m steeplechase.]

British Under Age 23 / Under Age 20 Champs
July 23, 2006
Bedford, Great Britain
Automatic Timing
1-Ruth Senior (u20) 10:32.96; 2-Carolyn Boosey (u23) 10:48.41; 3-Becky Ellis (u23) 11:21.71

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