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Results from Steeple Report 386:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

Argentina Youth Champs
November 19, 2006
La Pampa, Argentina
Automatic Timing
(Athlete birthdates in parentheses; sequence: year-month-day)

1500m Steeple: 1-Jorgelina Vanesa Monin (91-05-31) 5:47.58; 2-Lucia Gonzalez (91-04-12) 5:49.65; 3-Carolina Rodriguez (91-01-18) 6:14.67; 4-Florenicia Enrique (91-11-19) 6:31.39; 5-Giselle Bravo (91-01-27) 6:45.27; 6-Alejandra Diaz (93-06-03) 7:03.57.

Regional Qualifier Meet
November 18, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand
Automatic Timing
2000m Steeple: 1-Alice Collins 7:27.88; 2-Greta Porter 7:57.39; 3-Andrea Williams 8:07.65; 4-Sarah Brooks 8:18.13.

South America Under Age 23 Champs
November 12, 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Automatic Timing
3000m Steeple: 1-Jorgelina Angela Figueroa, COL 10:29.5; 2-Sabine Heitling, BRA 10:37.38; 3-Ingrid Galloso, CHI 10:50.46; 4-Rocio Huillca, PER 10:59.60; 5-Gisela Benso, ARG 11:59.26; 6-Lorena Ferrari, ARG 12:11.46; 7-Gerlane Silva, BRA 12:21.80. [Heitling also placed third in 1500m run]

Gold Coast Personal Best Meet
November 11, 2006
Southport, Australia
Automatic Timing
(Reported age of athlete shown in parentheses)

2000m Steeple: 1-Sarah Hall (16) 7:22.6; 2-Sarah James (16) 7:33.3; 3-Natalie Dudowski (14) 7:37.8; Hannah Cook (16) 7:48.4; 5-Lauren Mayne (17) 7:52.5; 6-Juliet Templeton (15) 8:07.1; 7-Emily Davidson (16) 8:14.4; 8-Grace McIntosh (16) 8:23.5; 9-Indiah Hope (16) 8:25.5; 10-Jacqui Stacey (16) 8:37.9.

Tasmania Schools Athetlics Games
November 5, 2006
Hobart, Australia
Automatic Timing
(Age groups in parentheses: under 18, under 16, under 15)

1-Libby Clarke (u18) 7:04.39; 2-Sophie Ireland (u18) 7:32.52; 3-Heather Richards (u15) 8:03.42; 4-Lilly Stanesby (u15) 8:12.16; 5-Margaret Lyall (u16) 8:29.41.

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