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Results from Steeple Report 411:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.

Automatic Timing and 3000m race distance unless stated otherwise. Reported Age, Birthdate, or Birth Year included (in parentheses) of athletes eligible for age-based championships such as Under age 23, Juniors, Youth, or Masters.

DNF=Did Not Finish MR = Meet Record; NR=National Record PB = Personal Best; SB = Season Best

NCAA Division I Final
June 8, 2007
Sacramento, California, USA
Automatic Timing
1-Anna Willard, Michigan 9:38.08; 2-Lindsey Anderson, Weber State 9:46.48; 3-Barbara Parker, Florida State 9:48.82; 4-Liz Wort, Duke 9:51.76; 5-Kassi Andersen, Brigham Young 9:52.10; 6-Nicole Bush, Michigan State 9:56.68; 7-Jenny Barringer, Colorado 9:59.81; 8-Sariah Long, Weber State 10:05.22; 9-A'Havahla Haynes, Wisconsin 10:07.09; 10-Emily Brown, Minnesota 10:07.40; 11-Catherine Parker, New Hampshire 10:08.16; 12-Bridget Franek, Penn State 10:11.68; 13-Amy Fowler, Brigham Young 10:22.75; DNF-Lindsay Allen, Stanford.

Bush led at end of lap 1 with Willard, Parker and Wort close. Lindsey Anderson set the pace through the next five laps with the same group staying close -- joined briefly in mid-race by Franek, then defending champion Barringer as Franek fell back after 2000m.

Willard moved to the front after sixth water jump and stayed there to the finish, winning with the fastest-ever women's 3000m steeple on USA soil by a citizen of any nation.

Personal bests were achieved in this final by six athletes (Willard, Parker, Wort, Bush, Long, Haynes) and in the heats two nights earlier by Parker, Fowler and Allen.

Courage was shown by BYU junior Kassi Andersen -- coming back from years of recovery after being run over by a truck, but still shy of her 9:44.68 best in 2004. Her recent weeks hint more improvement at the USATF Championships later this month.

NCAA Division I Heats
June 6, 2007
Sacramento, California, USA
Automatic Timing
Advance first 5 in each heat, plus 4 by fast times, to the Final.

First Heat: 1-Lindsey Anderson, Weber State 9:56.14; 2-Barbara Parker, Florida State 9:57.71; 3-Nicole Bush,Michigan State 9:58.20; 4-Liz Wort, Duke 10:01.04; 5-Amy Fowler, Brigham Young 10:01.19; 6-Lindsay Allen, Stanford 10:01.53; 7-Sariah Long, Weber State 10:05.42; 8-Catherine Parker, New Hampshire 10:06.45; 9-Heidi Bouwhuis, Weber State 10:10.77; 10-Rachel Carrizales, Nebraska 10:17.26; 11-Amanda King, Lamar 10:21.28; 12-Robyn Ellerbrock; Cornell 10:21.99; 13-Beverly Ramos, Kansas State 10:26.14; DNF-Bethany Nickless, Santa Barbara. [Places 1-8 advance to Final]

Second Heat: 1-Jenny Barringer, Colorado 10:02.17; 2-Anna Willard, Michigan 10:04.03; 3-Kassi Andersen, Brigham Young 10:04.75; 4-Emily Brown, Minnesota 10:07.44; 5-A'Havahla Haynes, Wisconsin 10:07.75; 6-Bridget Franek, Penn State 10:08.24; 7-Brooke Bennett, Arizona State 10:08.47; 8-Arianne Field, Michigan 10:14.53; 9-Alicia Valtin, Campbell 10:17.93; 10-Sarah Madebach, Georgia 10:18.21; 11-Sarah Price, Michigan State 10:20.87; 12-Stephanie Garcia, Virginia 10:22.16; 13-Lindsay Sundell, Florida 10:26.32; 14-Jillian Sullivan, Connecticut 10:34.04. [Places 1-6 advance to Final]

Junior National Champs
June 4, 2007
Chengdu, China
Automatic Timing
(Birthdates of athletes appear in parentheses)

1-Fang Xiaoyu (87-03-06) 10:27.19; 2-Qie Liping (87-01-12) 10:27.99; 3-Zhu Liping (88-05-08) 10:32.02; 4-Jiang Xiaoli (89-04-06) 10:37.53; 5-Liu Nian (91-04-26) 10:41.59; 6-Wang Huan (89-01-12) 10:41.96; 7-Xu Yinuo (88-12-23) 10:48.99; 8-Xu Huan (89-03-22) 10:57.92; 9-Niu Qianfang (90-05-16) 11:05.67.

National Champs
June 2, 2007
Daegu, Korea
Automatic Timing
1-Kwon Geun-Young (79-08-21) 10:41.43; 2-Min Da-Mi (85-11-06) 10:59.88; 3-Seo Hyun-Jin (86-02-19) 11:06.48.

British Columbia High School Champs
June 2, 2007
Burnaby, Canada
Automatic Timing
1-Chantelle Groenwood, Handsworth 5:07.30; 2-Rochelle Salli, Walnut Grove 5:14.71; 3-Brittany Cooper, Oak Bay 5:16.50; 4-Laurel Draper, Oak Bay 5:21.28; 5-Samantha Lotnick, Walnut Grove 5:25.79; 6-Aleah Teer, WJ Mouat 5:29.70; 7-Samantha Walkow, Semiahmoo 5:35.84; 8-Megan Schaufele, Holy Cross 5:35.93 [17 finish; Last = 6:16.69]

Euro-Champion Clubs Cup Group
May 27, 2007
Dubnica nad V hom, Slovakia
Automatic Timing
1-Meriem Mered (76-04-04) FRA 10:20.89; 2-Jasmina Delic (88-10-21) BIH 11:37.13; 3Jana Stykov (85-01-14) SVK 11:49.48; 4-Ivana Cebic SRB 12:09.34; 5-Marlies B tikofer (85-11-10) SUI 12:12.60; 6 Caitlin McAuley (88-11-30) IRL 13:08.26; 7 Hester Lingsma (82-10-11) NED 13:22.67.

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